Het geheel van activiteiten dat de zorg na de behandeling en na de ziekenhuisopname bepaalt, vereist dat de patiënt nauw betrokken wordt bij en tijdig geïnformeerd wordt over zijn behandelingsplan, en geholpen wordt bij de toepassing ervan, ook in de thuissituatie.


The constellation of activities that define post-treatment and post-hospitalization care requires the involvement of many healthcare professionals. And the patient must be well informed and if possible also be empowered through involvement in his treatment plan and supported to apply the elements of the plan.

To ensure a timely and efficient patient-follow-up both patient and the multidisciplinary team need a set of flexible, easy-to-use and always integrated applications: From device management for patient self-monitoring, to periodic reporting of health conditions, therapy compliance guidance and much more.

From the health professional’s perspective, solutions must follow best practice implementation with an evaluation of the the outcomes.

Dedalus’ offer includes both a wide set of solutions supporting an effective patient digital journey and solutions dedicated to the special activities of multidisciplinary teams across different follow-up settings: Dedicated facilities, daily services, and at a patient’s home, with mobile support or at the workplace, with an integrated follow-up process and the sharing of all information.

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