Sistema único nacional de gestión de información sanitaria e historia de Salud Digital

Ministry of Health Brunei

MOHB officials knew that building such an advanced healthcare information system would require help from a partner that offered a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, an established software solution and a wide range of skills.

“We realized that our goal would be no small feat” says Dr. Ahmad Yazid, an intensive-care physician and medical superintendent of the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital —Brunei’s largest, with more than 600 beds. “So we needed a partner with technical knowledge and dedication.”

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That partner was Dedalus, which MOHB brought on board to provide IT support and technical expertise. Dedalus engineers designed the system, dubbed Bru-HIMS (short for Brunei Health Information and Management System), to run on Dedalus’ Enterprise Management software and to integrate with nearly a dozen preexisting MOHB systems, including appointments, outpatient management and clinical care.

After less than 2 years of work, Bru-HIMS went live.

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