Nordic prehospital journal (EPCR) will be a global export-product

Nordic prehospital journal (EPCR) will be a global export-product

The IT-system for emergency vehicles that is used by Region Stockholm is on the way to be a global export-product. amPHI Systems was recently acquired by Dedalus, have confidence in it will be an export success.

In Aalborg, Denmark, a highly specialized IT-company is located and has developed a patient record system for usage in ambulances. The name of the system is amPHI. Over the last five years Region Stockholm has used the system to standardise and simplify the communication between the emergency control centre, emergency vehicle (ambulances and helicopters) and the emergency department at the hospital. Based on the experience of Region Stockholm and Denmark, amPHI is making its way to be an export success and amPHI Systems is now Dedalus’ global “Center of Excellence” within the prehospital sector.

“Of course, we would like to partner with more Swedish regions in the same way that we have with Region Stockholm, to deliver locally and regionally adjusted structures that help citizens and healthcare professionals in accident and crisis situations”, says Thomas Anderzon, CEO Sweden & Regional Sales Director with Dedalus, and continues:

“The overall goal is to implement the solution in five countries on the global market within three years.”

Dedalus strive towards providing solutions and expertise throughout the healthcare sector and realized something was missing within the prehospital area. amPHI Systems is dedicated towards the digitalization of emergency care, from the ambulance to the emergency department.

“I believe this could be a great example of a Nordic IT-solution export – we have high expectations and have already initiated dialogues with potential customers in many European countries and in Australia”, says Thomas Anderzon.

20 years of experience of information sharing and data management from the scene of accident to the hospital. 

amPHI provides 8 million people with a resilient and user-friendly rescue, emergency, and prehospital system, giving patients the best possible start towards recovery. The system has been used in Region Stockholm for the five past years and in Denmark since 2016.

amPHI was developed in Region Nordjylland in Demark during the early 21st century, in close collaboration with Aalborg University and healthcare professionals, which later also included Region Stockholm. amPHI is based on 20 years of experience of information sharing and data management from the scene of accident to the hospital.

Strengthen the service by bringing the combined healthcare expertise to the scene of accident  

With amPHI the healthcare organisation’s expertise is connected to the scene of accident, allowing the ambulance staff to optimise the treatment of the patient.

The amPHI-platform is operated through a digital tablet at the emergency department and from a web-based solution at the emergency control centres and hospitals. The software has been shown capable of managing complex information sharing between 800+ emergency departments, emergency control centres and hospitals.

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