We support laboratories and clinical professionals across the full diagnostic result generation chain, from patient admission or diagnostic request, sample verification, sample distribution to result reporting.

We work with large groups of hospitals and laboratories in order to unify their software applications, customising the solutions to meet each organisation’s needs.

The traditional monolithic siloed system is replaced by the use of common components and microservices shared by the different disciplines to facilitate the creation of effective networks of intra and interdepartmental laboratories, both public and private.

Dedalus creates tailor made solutions for companies operating in the diagnostic domain who cannot be served by off-the-shelf products. Our commitment to quality and our determination to offer affordable software applications, coupled with on-time delivery, has afforded us many long-term customer relationships. Our specialty is the ability to offer niche products unavailable from other bulk manufacturers.

OEM solutions by Dedalus offer a wide range of software applications, suited to partner requirements. We are committed to accelerate development, ensure regulatory compliance and high quality while creating breakthrough products.

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