End-to-end AI-powered Digital Pathology Solution

Accelerate the shift towards precision medicine.

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Dedalus end-to-end AI-powered digital pathology solution for anatomical pathology labs

The increasing demand for pathology services from an aging population and more cancer patients, combined with a shortage of trained pathologists and a multidisciplinary approach, requires pathology laboratories to actively seek efficiency-enhancing solutions to maintain high accuracy levels and reduce time to diagnosis.

Dedalus unique, all-in-one integrated digital solution addresses the needs of Anatomic Pathology laboratories through the seamless full digitalization of the Anatomic Pathology workflow, from the tissue reception to the digital reporting.

Full-scale Digital Pathology is truly embedded in the solution through a straightforward integration with the backbone laboratory system.

AI solutions seamlessly integrate into every stage of the solution to:

  • analyze cases prior to human pathologists’ review to reduce diagnostic TAT
  • increase diagnostic accuracy and confidence
  • provide clinical decision support tools that enable focusing on cancerous slides and areas of interest
  • streamline reporting to improve laboratory efficiency

Key Benefits

  • Digital Pathology fully integrated with Dedalus AIS
  • Earlier diagnosis
  • Enhanced quality of diagnosis
  • Pathologist satisfaction
  • Laboratory efficiency gain
  • Laboratory productivity gain
  • Seamless full transition to workflow digitalization
  • Scalability by design
  • Improved patient outcomes via predictive medicine and faster time to diagnosis
  • Accelerated shift towards precision medicine and patient-centered solutions, leveraging AI

Key features

  • A solution to fully digitalize the end-to-end workflow of Anatomical Pathology labs (AIS + DP)
  • Digital Reporting
  • Advanced case Atlas 
  • Use of data and AI1 to support diagnosis
  • Imaging Archive2
  • Imaging Viewer2
  • Multidisciplinary approach via built-in functionality to support MDT meetings and Tumor Boards3
  • Business Intelligence module

1Powered by IBEX AI Solutions
2Powered by the DeepUnity Suite
3Powered by C4C Meeting


Request a brochure, book a product demo or simply ask a question: our specialists are at your disposal to answer to all your needs or doubts.

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