Anatomic Pathology Information System

Work more effectively and efficiently, improve pathology’s precision and consistency.

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Supporting the entire process of anatomic pathology

Dedalus state-of-the-art InVitro Anatomic Pathology Information System (InVitro AIS) supports pathologists and technicians at every stage of the diagnostic process and translates new technologies into a highly innovative solution, capable of supporting the peculiarities of histology, cytology, molecular biology workflow models, supported by a flexible architecture that can be highly integrated into the healthcare ecosystem hrough standardized and certified integration protocols.It represents a dynamic and highly flexible daily work tool, that supports the identification of biological material in a safe, fast manner, ensuring that each of them is duly completed, in the right sequence, with the necessary quality and in short and monitorable times.

The solution offers an inclusive and flexible approach to reporting through pre-configured and standardizable reporting models. The diagnostic phase is completed by the native integration with Dedalus’ digital pathology solution which uniquely enables specific functions for holistic access to the patient’s history, the visualization of multidisciplinary contents, the availability of an atlas of exemplary images accompanied by configurable reference information.

The solution enables modern laboratories to analyse the collected data, highlighting specific phenomena of interest and providing objective indicators to monitor the performance and quality of the production cycles. It enhances evidence-based decision-making processes, facilitating a deeper level of problems understanding and highlighting clinical trends that would otherwise be significantly more difficult to detect.

Key Benefits

  • Facilitates the creation of labs network organizations by streamlining change management
  • Enables investment optimization, increased productivity and quality of service, through scalability by design
  • Enables laboratories to redefine their organization while reducing personnel costs, optimizng efficiency and improving the accuracy and consistency of results.
  • Enables seamless transition to Digital Pathology via native integration with Dedalus Digital Pathology solution
  • Ensures future proof functional and technological evolution, through seamless integration with Dedalus complete portfolio of healthcare solutions

Key features

  • Full web reporting
  • Automatic case assignment
  • Native integration with Dedalus Digital Pathology solution
  • Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings management
  • Built-in laboratory tracking module
  • Built-in biological material storage management
  • Built-in laboratory MDW


Request a brochure, book a product demo or simply ask a question: our specialists are at your disposal to answer to all your needs or doubts.

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