Care Suite

Connected, integrated healthcare

Care Suite is a flexible integrated and coordinated care platform that allows you to maximise value from your existing IT investments, people and processes whilst enabling faster deployment of the latest digital innovations. The solution can be deployed incrementally, allowing healthcare organisations to transform in line with their digital maturity plans or budget and can be hosted locally or delivered through the cloud, on-premises IT or a hybrid model.

Care Suite provides a secure, connected and Open FHIR-standards based agile platform for delivery of patient-centered care through implementation of modern and open-standard components. This allows you to achieve efficient communication and collaboration with patients, internal staff and other suppliers and services within the wider healthcare ecosystem.

Improved collaboration across the care pathway

  • Designed by clinicians for clinicians, with proven infrastructure and resources to ensure clinical safety and adherence to care pathways.
  • Built on open standards and APIs to support innovation and connectivity, helping to transform delivery of services to patients, carers and providers
  • Leverages leading-edge technology to transform the patient experience and capture meaningful insights
  • Eliminates the need for costly rip-and-replace investments by allowing organisations to build out a comprehensive integrated and connected care platform while maximising existing IT applications and infrastructure.
  • Uses AI and speech-to-text technology to improve data sharing, helping to transform the clinical workflow and drive patient engagement

Key Benefits

  • Improved safety and quality outcomes, and greater patient engagement
  • Increased flow of patients through hospitals, freeing up capacity and creating administrative efficiencies
  • Real-time surveillance and population- based insights through advanced analytics to manage care pathways
  • The ability to collaborate with internal colleagues or external partners with a shared view of the patient, the patient’s data and the clinical context
  • Greater agility and interoperability, enabling clinicians to meet the unique needs of their workflow

Key features

  • Experience and engagement. Adapted to the needs of the pathway and the clinician’s role, Care Suite enables patients to be equal partners in their care.
  • Care Suite enables the delivery of connected and coordinated care through five integrated components
  • Information systems. A series of support services that enable care pathways and contribute to the patient record at the point of care. These services support multiple clinical disciplines in the care journey.
  • Data and analytics with Open Health Connect. This Dedalussolution allows clinicians and healthcare organisations toperforms analysison complex data fromcreatesfederated health records and delivers essential functions such as workflow, pathway management, real-time surveillance and clinical analyticsby enabling retrieval, combination, interaction, exploration and visualisation of that datain easy to view dashboards.
  • Ecosystem. Provides secure reuse of common Care Suite functions, such as shared user authentication and authorisation to protect patient data, definition and exchange of structured forms to collect assessments, and exchange of tasks to support cross- organisational care plans.
  • Internet of things (IoT). Ensures that data from medical devices used by the patient can be included in Electronic Patient Record.

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