amPHI PREHOSPITAL – Improve acute care and the entire care chain

The prehospital patient record amPHI covers the entire prehospital care chain from the collection point to the emergency department and hospitalization

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It is vital to be able to start passing information from the ambulance to the hospital, when an ambulance responds to an accident. With amPHI the ambulance staff has the right tool to start registering patient data already at the scene of the accident or while driving to the hospital.

From time of collection amPHI’s prehospital patient record sends information about the patient’s condition and initial treatment from ambulance on to the emergency department and medical adviser. All information about the patient’s condition is registered continuously during the prehospital intervention, which helps to ensure a better care process, a faster diagnosis and more effective treatment.

All registrations in the ambulance are done using an intuitive on touch screen and vitals and other data from the ambulance’s patient monitor are automatically transferred to amPHI via the cell network.

amPHI is the unique solution in the market offering the patient the best possible treatment through a simple and fast collection of relevant patient data as early as possible and communicating it further in the care chain.

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Current presence

amPHI is one of the leading Nordic providers of unique prehospital software solutions to the healthcare sector. Our focus is to deliver superior products to the prehospital sector, as well as to hospitals.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time registration of treatments, medications and much more
  • Treatment guidelines based on the patient's condition and diagnosis
  • Direct access to the patient’s previous hospitalization data
  • Easy access for ambulance staff working in a turbulent environment

Key features

  • Intuitive touch screen for easy input in the ambulance
  • Possibility to add other treatment schedules (trauma, triage and more)
  • Online solution communicating with patient records and emergency room staff
  • FHIR-based integration platform allows for advanced integration and dashboards

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