amPHI serves 8 million citizens globally

amPHI serves 8 million citizens globally  

A century of research lies behind the prehospital system amPHI. Our vision at Dedalus is to improve the health of citizens all over the world, by providing transparent and business-critical IT-platforms that improves recovery and health.

A good example of a business-critical IT platform is amPHI, the prehospital healthcare system that has supported Region Stockholm and its partners to deliver an agile and easy-to-use, emergency- and prehospital system. amPHI has for five years and for 2,5 million citizens of Stockholm, ensuring the best possible conditions for patients to start their recovery journey.

amPHI was developed during a ten-year period in close collaboration with the academy and the prehospital healthcare-sector in Denmark. “During recent years researchers, doctors and nurses within Region Stockholm has contributed to further adjusting amPHI to fit the citizens’ purpose and needs,” says Thomas Anderzon, CEO Sweden & Regional Sales Director with Dedalus, and continues:


“Although we already possess the biggest R&D activity in Europe within healthcare software with over 2 500 employees, local knowledge and local collaborations is essential in securing an IT-product that serves the employees’ and citizens’ needs.”


Today, Dedalus has approximately 5 500 highly educated employees and are currently expanding globally with high rates of recruitment and new offices. Over 2 500 people are working with development and adjustments for the healthcare sector at Dedalus’ R&D in Europe. The portfolio with innovative solutions covers the whole spectrum of healthcare needs and Dedalus collaborates with over 6 100 hospitals and 5 300 laboratories across the world.

2500 innovators make a difference

Thomas Anderzon explains why the research- and development section of the company makes a major difference.

“We realise that the healthcare sector is constantly changing at a rapid pace and covid-19 has brought an accelerated need for a digital transformation. The demographic development also encourages change. Therefore, a R&D-team with 2 500 clinically experienced engineers across the world means that we can continue to collaborate with the healthcare sector to accelerate the transformation we need. Given our size and our muscles, we can contribute in leading the transformation in a smooth and swift manner.”

amPHI Systems was recently acquired by Dedalus. The aim is to establish amPHI as the world leading healthcare system within prehospital care. The ambition is based on amPHI’s security, resilience and reliability that has served Region Stockholm for five years and Denmark for seven years. R&D is essential in developing and ensuring local adjustment to regional healthcare in emerging markets.


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