Consolidate healthcare data sets from multiple sources for improved decision making throughout the drug life cycle

Life sciences organizations have a pressing need for real-world evidence across the value chain to improve decision making and deliver patient-centric strategies that lead to better health outcomes. However, organizations are challenged with gathering actionable insights at the speed needed to effectively bring innovation and new therapies to life.

Dedalus Open Health Connect for Life Sciences consolidates healthcare datasets from multiple sources and enables customers to utilize a single source of truth for their accurate decision making throughout the drug development life cycle. The resulting information attained through a personalized patient experience approach and a unified data platform helps life sciences companies bring new, targeted and effective treatments to market faster.

Power your research activities by Real World Data and engaged patients

The business applications in Dedalus Open Health Connect for Life Sciences span the drug production life cycle, creating actionable insights that let companies achieve their targets and objectives in many different scenarios, such as:

  • Provide a single repository with standardized clinical trial data across multiple trials in different therapeutic areas and indications.
  • Extract information for research purposes and quickly manage patient consent.
  • Leverage advanced large healthcare datasets with predictive analytic models.
  • Locate previously diagnosed, lapsed and undiagnosed patients as well as the physicians that treated them.
  • Analyze in-depth data from electronic health records, pharmacy dispensation data and internal product data.
  • Attain real-world evidence to support regulatory decisions, such as label extensions.

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