Chronic Care Management

Improving care coordination through actionable insights

The increase in life expectancy, improvements in public health and healthcare, in addition to the adoption of new lifestyles, and the trend towards a general aging of the population, have resulted in an increase in chronic diseases, constituting the new epidemiological pattern of advanced societies.

In this sense, the public health services are proposing new approaches and models of care that emphasize the prevention of risk factors, self-care, and that enable healthcare professionals to , co-ordinate with and proactively manage patients

Dedalus Chronic Care Management, powered by Open Health Connect Workbench, is a solution focused on patients with chronic multi-morbidities , mostly with high prevalence conditions and high social and healthcare impact, since they affect both the quality of life, health and well-being of patients, as well as impacting the healthcare system through demand on resources.

Key Benefits

  • Optimise decision-making processes
  • Improve communication between professionals and professionals and patientes
  • Improve continuity of care
  • Improve clinical safety of patients
  • Increase treatments adherence
  • Optimise use of resources
  • Patient empowerment by making him play an active role in his self-care

Key features

  • Measurements
  • Self-care questionnaires (CAT, MMRC ..)
  • Other Tasks / Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Recommendations
  • Delegated access to family member / caregiver / tutor (clircle of care)
  • Configuration of plans, activities and tasks
  • Review alerts and tasks from patient monitoring
  • Consultation of measured data and its evolution
  • Adjustment to target values of patient parameters
  • New indications
  • Review tasks and alerts from patient monitoring
  • Settings in patient profiles
  • Add new tasks to specific patients
  • Monitoring of the evolution of the parameters measured according to trends

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