Care Collaboration

The tool for multidisciplinary collaboration

In an increasingly interconnected world, it’s very important that health data and sensitive patient information is shared between all relevant healthcare professionals – in a way that guarantees data security and patient privacy. At present, however, due to the lack of corporate tools, professionals’ resort to using every-day instant messaging applications – which puts patient privacy seriously at risk. Dedalus’ multidisciplinary collaboration models ensure data security and aid fast set up of timely meetings involving required key personnel – with all relevant data, images and previous clinical reports to hand.

Dedalus C4C Meeting is the new multidisciplinary collaboration tool which allows communication, information sharing and activities planning between the various professionals involved in the patients healthcare process. Compliant with privacy regulations on sensitive data, C4C Meeting simplifies the creation of virtual multidisciplinary medical working groups, providing operators and specialists with an easy and secure access to patient’s information, documents and reports and supplying reporting tools for each online meeting organised.

C4C Meeting can also be integrated with the most popular digital imaging platforms to provide specialists with the details necessary for patient’s care, allowing clinicians to add notes and drawings, and modify and save images

Key Benefits

  • Reduction of organisational costs
  • Security in terms of information and sensitive data distribution
  • Intuitive and advanced sharing tools
  • Intuitive and advanced sharing tools

Key features

  • Access to clinical repository
  • Integration with digital imaging platform
  • Drawing tool
  • Quick notes
  • Screen sharing
  • Text chat and video chat
  • Multidisciplinary meeting and goals report
  • Invitation of participants and patients / users
  • Choice of cases for debate
  • Definition of multidisciplinary groups (breast, colon, etc.)
  • Multidisciplinary meetings activity reports
  • Selection of the material to share, reports and supporting images
  • Inclusion of attached comments
  • Notifications management
  • Organization and conduct of meetings (even remotely)
  • Ability to treat patient cases inside and / or outside the hospital
  • Drafting and electronic signature of the multidisciplinary report

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