Healthcare Platform Services

Support collaboration across the Continuum of Care by intelligently connecting organisations using semantic interoperability based on Open Standards (FHIR), modernisation of existing solutions, and use of Open APIs to facilitate an open ecosystem of solutions for our customers.

National and regional healthcare authorities increasingly need to understand what is being delivered across all healthcare organisations. Whether it is a national overview of COVID19 or other population health initiatives or a regional follow up on clinical guideline compliance, they all need better real time insights into the data that healthcare professionals and patients are generating.

The overall vision of most national and regional authorities is therefore to increase the clinical quality delivered through better use of data. This includes enabling a stable delivery of relevant national, regional, local and personal health data to individual physicians but also in an aggregated form to decision makers, politicians and regional/national quality institutions.

Dedalus has accumulated significant experience in this area, which ensures the design and development of effective and continuously up-to-date solutions dedicated to the healthcare domain.

The ability of public and social care providers to share data is critical to managing both individual and population health. This rich data goes far beyond the patient information stored in electronic medical records (EMRs) and includes structured and unstructured data either residing in other systems and databases or being generated in real time by the clinician and/or patient.

A data-driven, data-rich approach creates huge advantages for public health and social care providers as a whole by supporting data interoperability and collaboration between stakeholders across the continuum of care. The patient journey, whether inside or beyond hospital boundaries, must be supported with real-time data to enable both clinical and nonclinical pathways to be coordinated in order to deliver high-quality care and collaboration.

Dedalus has significant experience in delivering digital capabilities that bring health and social care providers together around the patient. We work to enhance care coordination, population health management and collaboration as we understand that episodic care must be enhanced by proactive and collaborative care. Only then is the patient truly in the centre of healthcare delivery.

Our Healthcare Platform can create a flexible ‘Digital Front Door’ for the citizen and caregivers to facilitate access to health services and to engage citizens in their well-being and health care delivery. It is important when choosing a private healthcare provider, that activities and the data created will flow back into the provider ecosystem. Isolated data will only lead to isolated episodic care and often double treatment.

Ultimately, all stakeholders (public and private) benefit from having access to a 360-degree understanding of all relevant data—clinical as well as nonclinical. To achieve that goal, data will need to be made available and understandable—through standardisation—outside of the silos and organisations where it was generated.

The ability to contextualize the data in the right place, at the right time for the right patient through technologies such as predictive modelling and artificial intelligence is the cornerstone of Dedalus’ platform offering. Better collaboration through intelligent data sharing will benefit all stakeholders and especially the patient

The growing demand for integrated care and the networked organisation of services involves the construction of diagnostic networks that connect laboratories and hospitals as well as other specialised care settings, with varied clinical specialties and disciplines.

The network is entrusted with responding to the growing complexity of healthcare processes and the need to share knowledge, skills, care pathways, professionals and technology, to deliver comprehensive diagnostic coverage. It highlights needs such as multidisciplinary working, evidence-based medicine, continuity of care and keeping the patient at the centre of their care.

Dedalus lays the foundations for an effective diagnostic network by combining a shared repository of clinical best practices and protocols, with platform services enabling an end-to-end, modern and fully integrated solution, at a pace that suits the organisation. It also enables backward compatibility with legacy software products.

Dedalus has strategic partnerships with companies operating across the Healthcare sector, including Medical Technology, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Research Organisations, Telecommunication companies as well as Systems Integrators. We collaborate with partners by combining our joint offerings to accelerate innovation and deliver incremental value to our clients. Dedalus’ platform services enable cooperation, collaboration and data interoperability across heterogeneous information systems enabling a range of key steps: integration, ingestion, indexing and tagging data, connecting to AI algorithms, notifying and providing visualisation of new insights to the users, helping them decide what action to take thanks to actionable intervention services.

The platform services support the continuum of care across multiple organisations and stakeholders, providing efficient care planning and effective digital patient tools

Dedalus Healthcare Platform supports communication, cooperation and collaboration across heterogeneous information systems between hospitals and other stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. All actors, from patients to caregivers, healthcare professionals, and national/regional authorities can effectively collaborate to improve all the social determinants of health.

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