Digital Connect 4 Health (DC4H)

An open, standards-based digital health platform to allow organisations to rapidly innovate over an existing application landscape.

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DC4H is Dedalus’ next-generation digital platform allowing organisations to innovate over their existing applications in weeks, not months.

DC4H is best shown by 6 pillars that connect and build on the capabilities delivered by one another. The pillars can be implemented independently allowing organisations to start where maximum value can be delivered.

At the core of the successful implementation of the DC4H platform is the HL7 FHIR-based longitudinal patient record, which enables a 360-degree view of patients. Access to a patient’s longitudinal data is controlled through consent management, audit, and access management capabilities.

It is made available through an API management component and visualised through a modern browser-delivered user experience called Patient Synoptic. This same longitudinal patient record can be used for real-time analytics and for providing notifications back to Clinical staff.

Key Benefits

  • Integrate data and solutions from a wide range of existing healthcare applications easily and quickly by using the library of existing integrations
  • Build a longitudinal patient record covering all aspects of your patients and access this rich data set through open FHIR standard APIs – for a single healthcare organisation or across a region
  • Provide modern data access without upgrading your patient administration system (or other systems of record)
  • Real-time notifications to Clinicians allows for rapid feedback

Key features

  • Longitudinal Patient Record for 360-degree view of patients across organisational boundaries
  • Terminology, Consent, Audit, and Policy Management
  • Enterprise Master Patient Index for managing patient identity
  • API management for secure access to patient data
  • Provider directory for managing organisations and practitioners
  • Cloud, hybrid Cloud, or on-premise delivery

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