From Content Clutter to Care Insights

The US is facing unprecedented changes in population that will result in massive amounts of data flowing into hospitals, but there’s a way to get ahead of the problem.

By Felix Krause

Hospitals and health systems face a daunting problem: a never-ending, fast-moving tsunami of data. Every visit, every admission, every touchpoint generates multiple pieces of content that feed electronic health records (EHRs), paper records, clinical systems, and administrative systems. The volume and rapid pace can be overwhelming, and it begs the question: “What do we do with all this data?”


  • Hospitals generate 50 petabytes of data per year1, 137 terabytes per day, more than twice the amount of data housed in the Library of Congress2
  • This data is multiplying at a rate of 47% per year
  • There were more than 34 million admissions at the 6,100 US Hospitals in 202113

The numbers are getting out of control. Demographic factors add another wrinkle to the health-data picture: the population of the United States is projected to grow by 79 million by 2060, making this a nation of more than 400,000,000 people.3 Baby boomers will be older than 65 in the year 2030, which would mean that one out of every five people in the U.S. will be at retirement. And by 2034, the population of older adults will be larger than the number of children for the first time in U.S. history.

Looking at all the data hospitals and health systems are swimming in today, and the potential data impacts of U.S. population growth, Dedalus saw the need to address those pain points with new technology. The company’s solution: our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and Command Center.

This ECM system is a holistic approach that ensures the paperless exchange of information for the clinical and administrative areas of the hospital, facilitating vital internal collaboration across data boundaries. The interface powers the retrieval and exchange of existing documents, pictures and EMR forms, making virtually any and all content readily accessible.

What if you could reduce 50% of your physical storage or save nearly a month of clerical time? More than 600 hospitals worldwide are already using Dedalus’ ECM and reaping the benefits of time savings, freeing up space, reducing maintenance and beefing up security.

“The goal is to have all of the information and data from this medical equipment integrated in some way so that the doctors can access their documents at any time, from any place. And HYDMedia is helping us to do that,” shared Philippe Laurent, Chief Technology Officer, CH Ales-Cevennes.

A well-run health system not only benefits the organization’s bottom line, making it a more current and personalized experience for consumers receiving the best possible quality of care. The result: move from a content cluttered organization to a data-driven organization that is ready for the wave of changing demographics. Dedalus has the global track record, knowledge, and people to help you ride that wave.

About Felix Krause, Account Executive

Felix Krause recently moved from cold Germany to even colder Minnesota for love. Ask him about managing archives via Electronic Content Management and how that positively impacts clinician burnout and swift accessibility of data. All the stuff our customers love.

He’s an avid cyclist and has the cutest Frenchie!

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