In a world with an aging population suffering from significant rise in chronic diseases and complex migratory flows, the episodic care model no longer applies.

It is fundamental to move towards a holistic continuum of care paradigm, with the ability to empower consumers, caregivers, and social institutions in managing complex collaboration required to deliver effective care.

In this new approach, the role of Information Technology is essential: It enables an efficient flow of information across multiple settings and stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes within each phase: from prevention to early detection, from diagnosis to treatment, from rehabilitation to follow-up and end-of-life. Individuals, caregivers, health professionals are always aware of the overall pathway and their role towards contributing to a healthy and manageable lifestyle.

Dedalus offers multiple and diverse solutions for each phase of the continuum of care, ensuring the integration of every single care setting, institution and system in the process. Thanks to our dedicated platform, we are able to ensure efficient care planning and effective collaboration.


True integration of services across the Continuum of Care becomes real through the NewDedalusPlatform that offers full semantic interoperability based on Open Standards (FHIR), enables the modernisation of existing solutions, and using an “API Economy” models enables an open ecosystem of solutions for our customers.

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