Dedalus sounds like “setting your data-loose.” It’s what we do for 6,700 hospitals, impacting more than 540M lives.

About Dedalus

Dedalus is a top KLAS-ranked software partner with nearly 7,300 global customers, impacting over 540 million lives and helping healthcare organizations personalize care experiences, and achieve sustainable, purposeful interoperability for the Whole Person Care model.

With over 50 years of experience in delivering healthcare software and services to customers around the world, we are now proud to deliver improved healthcare outcomes using our technology solutions in the North American market.

In Europe, our software is used widely across the UK National Health Service, with 75% of English Trusts, 100% of Northern Irish Trusts, 85% of Welsh Health Boards, and 80% of Scottish Health Boards using our software. In Ireland, 95% of public hospitals and 30% of laboratories use our software.

Dedalus at a glance

Today, Dedalus employs nearly 7,300 highly qualified people; with the largest software R&D team in the industry.

Thanks to our portfolio of leading next-generation solutions, Dedalus covers the entire spectrum of healthcare professionals’ needs, and today we support over 6,100 hospitals and 5,300 laboratories worldwide.

At Dedalus, we understand the importance of collaboration in the successful delivery of new models of care. These new models are founded on delivering continuity of care throughout an individual’s life, integrating care around the consumer through the whole healthcare ecosystem and supporting their engagement with their circle of care. Health systems require capabilities to support remote care, with dynamic clinical best practices and real-time knowledge sharing at the point of care.


The myth says that in 2000 BC, Daedalus, the first known architect in history, designed and built the Palace of Knossos: an incredible building with an intricate labyrinth constructed inside. The labyrinth represents the journey to prosperity and the search for knowledge.

In 1220 AD, the first Gothic cathedral was completed in Chartres (France). This amazing building, once again with a labyrinth inside, represents the journey to knowledge.

Dedalus is written in Latin, the universal language of Europe and the Middle East for more than 1500 years.

The Dedalus company, together with the experience of our customers and the expertise of our worldwide team, seeks to untangle a pathway through the intricate healthcare labyrinth and tackle the challenges of modern healthcare.

Our passion and mission, expressed in our software-based solutions, is to enable healthcare professionals to build and share clinical knowledge.

Every day, we do something special by helping providers and health professionals to provide better care for the communities they serve.

Life flows through our software.

The 21st Century Healthcare Challenge

Living a healthy life is a basic human need. Yet, there’s nothing basic about our healthcare needs. Research shows that medical services are only one of a range of factors affecting peoples’ health. An individual’s lifestyle, health behaviors and physical environment are among the key drivers, with healthcare services, in reality, only influencing 10% to 20% of health outcomes.

The digital transformation of the health ecosystem is one of the most critical enablers to achieve the Institute of Health Improvement’s Quadruple Aim. The framework, adopted by healthcare institutions worldwide, states the responsibility to address these broader “determinants” of health for each individual by:

  • Providing better health care and welfare services to every individual (maximizing the effectiveness of these services) and reducing the burden of disease on the general population through population health management;
  • Improving consumers’ engagement with, and the accessibility, of healthcare services;
  • Improving an individual’s understanding of their conditions, while enabling them to take more control of their care;
  • Enhancing the healthcare experience of consumers and their providers; and
  • Making these services financially and environmentally sustainable.

In meeting these challenges Dedalus has a clear purpose:

To be the preferred partner to enable everyone in the healthcare ecosystem to collaborate effectively to deliver the best possible health outcome.

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