Increasingly quick, predictive, and efficient tests. Large, consolidated labs. The acceleration of digital pathology. To guarantee efficiency and security, whose processes need holistic solutions, networking projects experience and competence.


The value of an efficient and effective diagnostic activity is essential in the care process. Relying on increasingly quick, predictive and efficient tests can make all the difference in managing new or existing pathologies.

For In-Vitro Diagnostics, the evolution path is addressing re-organization and consolidation projects. Software solutions that support large, consolidated labs can take advantage of the most recent diagnostic technologies essential to ensure the processing of higher volumes of testing, with high quality and cost savings. Moreover, the digital pathology revolution accelerated its advancement: the ability of integrated solutions to support the pathologist across the entire process, from tissue manipulation to slide scanning, fuels significant progress in diagnostic services.

Even in In-Vivo diagnostic, or imaging diagnostic, consolidation is one of the most important trends: large PACS (Picture Archiving Computerized Systems) able to serve many organizations spread across a territory, allowing access to shared archive of images for all clinicians.

Dedalus fully supports all of these emerging trends, through its experience of delivering state of the art solutions at scale.

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