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Swiftqueue offers economic and operational efficiencies and improved communication between providers and consumers with automated appointments, decreased wait times and capacity planning.

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Swiftqueue is a flexible and innovative platform enabling new ways for clinics to better manage their appointment scheduling, patient flow, waitlist management and patient engagement via enhanced cloud delivered digital communication pre and post appointments.

Swiftqueue can improve efficacy by reducing the time required for scheduling appointments, reducing DNA’s (Do not attends), increasing capacity, patient engagement and satisfaction.

Cloud-based scheduling systems result in improved consumer and clinician experience. By automating processes, healthcare staff saves precious time and reduces the risk of human error at every stage: from referral management and scheduling to real-time clinic management and patient engagement.

Coordinated Healthcare...Empowered

Growing demand… higher expectations… more patient interactions – this is the reality of healthcare today.

Swiftqueue delivers an enterprise platform to manage the requirements of everyone involved – clinicians, administrators, health managers and patients – empowering everyone to have:

  • Certainty & Consistency
  • Flexibility & Control
  • Clarity & Transparency
  • Integrated Solutions

Delivering an all-around greater personal experience.

Dedalus Swiftqueue

The HSE in Ireland and over 20 NHS Trusts in the UK depend on Swiftqueue to provide Covid swabbing, Covid testing and Covid vaccination appointments to staff and patients. Our platform supports scheduling and communications to all parties involved in the booking process and keeps everyone up to date with reminder emails and SMS notifications. Swiftqueue follows the government guidelines in both countries and eligibility requirements apply as the rollout of Covid vaccinations continue to expand.

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Read about Swiftqueue in NHS UK here.


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How Swiftqueue is transforming the consumer lifecycle


Learn how the Dedalus Swiftqueue Enterprise Scheduling Platform can transform your hospital


Patient flow and clinic management

Key Benefits

  • 24/7 visibility of available appointments, real-time patient bookings
  • PAS system Integration through our bespoke API and HL7 integration, providing a full end to end solution
  • Easy to use efficient solutions to manage clinic workflows and KPI's
  • Reduce administration and data entry errors through easy to use patient self check in and validation of patient and appointment information.
  • ISO27001 certified and comply with NHS Information Governance standards.
  • Patient portal - where patients can view, reschedule, cancel appointments and view specific results.

Key features

  • Online & Centralized Appointment Booking
  • Realtime Seamless Integration
  • Clinic Administration with Waiting List Management and Patient Flow Management
  • Touch Screen Tablet and Kiosk Check In
  • Domiciliary/Home Care
  • E-Referral & E-Discharge
  • Integration PAS, EMR Diagnostic Systems
  • Demand & Capacity Planning with Predictive Analytics

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