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Imagine real-time patient care orchestration through actionable information accessible everywhere. Dedalus Command Center can help you implement a data-driven healthcare organization to assist your care givers to achieve better outcomes, coordination, and efficiency, by providing them with the most valuable factor: time to better care.

Our platform provides a holistic view by orchestrating clinical and operational data resources (people, assets, equipment, BMS etc.) from emergency care, peri-operative care, in-patient management, out-of-hospital and population management services-, whilst incorporating external environmental factors (weather, RTA, SDOH…) to deliver the promise of personalized health experiences.


Dedalus Command Center builds on real-time information, focuses prospectively on generating insights and diagnostic analytics that provide “operational x-ray” on potential impending risk factors or operational constraints – “what is happening, what could happen, what happened and what decisions and actions to the undertaken.” These insights and actions are orchestrated into the workflows for the caregivers.


It builds on the Dedalus portfolio of AI Models. Traditional clinical decision support systems alert based on static queries, predefined data models, and reporting. Dedalus Command Center system exploits the full range of structured and unstructured data and applies AI-powered expert clinical & process judgments in the form of rule sets/protocols to alert caregivers of impending clinical and operational risks.


Dedalus Command Centers free up staff for what they do best: provide care. The cross-organization communication facilitated by medical control rooms helps people move through the healthcare system efficiently, frequently referred to as patient flow.

Data Rich, but Insight Poor? Exploring Strategies for Driving Operational Visibility & Efficiency

Today’s health systems are challenged with doing more with less. Clinician burnout, labor shortages and ongoing inflationary trends are creating urgency for greater insight into what’s really going on around resource utilization. To gain such insight and impact challenges such as length of stay and early readmissions, data from many systems beyond the EMR must be brought together to provide visibility and transparency. In this webinar, we’ll hear from executives about how they’re bringing the right data together — in real-time and in the right way — to help identify areas of efficiency and accuracy,and make the most informed decisions.

Two Minute Webinar Highlight Clip from CommonSpirit Health

“The next level of this is how do we provide a common set of tools, or a common way to query the data so that we are all looking at the same thing and talking about the data the same way.”
John Chelico, MD
National /System CMIO
CommonSpirit Health

Two Minute Webinar Highlight Clip from Baptist Health South Florida

“It’s not that we don’t have the data, it’s that we don’t produce enough insights to be actionable.  Thats the bigger next step.”
Tony Ambrozie
SVP/Chief Information and Digital Officer
Baptist Health South Florida

Key Benefits

  • Converts real-time insights into organizational performance to optimize operational and clinical processes
  • Increases efficiency by improving the understanding of operational challenges, specific constraints, and impeding risk factors
  • Improves growth and the access and effectiveness of care for patients
  • Accelerates throughput and improve overall quality of care and the wise use of resources through better demand and capacity management
  • Strengthens users’ satisfaction with predictable and reliable decision-making information
  • Drive collaboration with standaized reporting across the industry and ability to network best practice

Key features

  • Manages multi-variate datasets and share data across all constituents with ease
  • Digitizes the organization core measures and alerts on exception in real-time
  • Creates accessible and timely performance reporting with minimal effort
  • Uses predictive models based on AI/ML and anomality detection
  • Works with simulation - digital twin
  • Develops in-depth diagnostic analytics within minutes

Product Information

Powering Actionable Data Driven Healthcare Organizations

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Request a brochure, book a product demo or simply ask a question: our specialists are at your disposal to answer to all your needs or doubts.

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