Bridging the gap between patients, healthcare providers and the life sciences industry.

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Dedalus serves as a key bridge connecting Patients, Healthcare Providers and the Life Sciences industry. With an extensive network of over 6000 hospitals and 540+ million patient records, we facilitate innovative treatments and provide much-needed revenue to affiliated hospitals. Patient data in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is fully anonymized, sharing only secure, anonymized statistical data in a secure research environment. 

Life sciences organizations can conduct feasibility, statistical analysis, retrospective digital studies, and express an interest in recruiting identified specific patient cohorts. This collaboration drives medical research, delivering new therapies while supporting hospitals. Dedalus plays a crucial role in advancing healthcare through secure data sharing and industry partnerships. 


Retain data control with Dedalus. T4C Edge empowers in-hospital researchers with local data storage for research. We convert proprietary formats to FHIR, fully anonymize patient data, and share clinical ‘tags’ with ‘T4C Gravity.’ Our appliances reside in your data-center or cloud subscription, ensuring your data remains under your control throughout the process.


Safely, legally, and ethically share patient data for secondary use with Dedalus while being fully GDPR compliant. Our solution covers information security, network security, application security, data privacy, consent management, data quality, auditing, and logging. Trust us to ensure secure and responsible data sharing while upholding ethical standards.


Dedalus offers a centralized research network, utilizing the ‘Metadata Observatory’ (MDO). The secure Research Hub enables organizations to conduct feasibility and retrospective studies, patient identification for recruitment, and real-world evidence (RWE) analysis using obscured data. Researchers can request patient information matching their study criteria, streamlining the process.

Key Benefits

  • Providing your patients with new innovative treatments and therapies before others
  • Ability to analyze internal data more efficiently for use with your own research
  • Extend your network
  • Build better research services
  • Attract more external clinical research /funding
  • Ability to tap into the data of other hospitals, on the network, for use in your own investigator research
  • Build on your existing investment & Target operating Model (TOM)
  • Unlike existing solutions, T4C’s sophisticated software ensures the authenticity and accuracy of the data being used

Key features

  • Native connector to the EMR to generate FHIR/OMOP compliant research data
  • Fully automated deployment mechanism
  • Shield technology to collaborate with external parties
  • Increase in research & recruitment funding & grants through the research network
  • Bootstrap for HC provider sponsored research


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