Dedalus Top 1 provider in "Best in Klas Awards"

for Acute Care Electronic Health Records in the DACH  and in Southern Europe regions (mainly Spain)

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Optimizing the diagnostic imaging service with PACSonWEB

Arequipa Clinic, Perú

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Integrate records and improve patient safety

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

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Building a National Patient-Centered Digital Health System

Andorra National Health Service

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Discover the power of the native cloud

PACSonWEB, a DeepUnity Solution

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Hospital achieves HIMSS 6 Certification with Epr System

Ain Al Khaleej Hospital

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People and their family

  • Positive experience of care
  • Accessible and seamless care
  • Excellent outcomes

Healthcare professionals

  • Safe and reliable care
  • More productive environments
  • Support for best practices

Health, social and Life Sciences institutions

  • Productive resources
  • Safe and consistent care
  • Patient and staff satisfaction
  • Improving the impact of research.

National/regional health systems

  • Population health management
  • Value for money
  • Sustainability


  • Improvement of equity
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Accessible and high-quality services
Dedalus Ways

Our Approach: Dedalus #Ways

The new Dedalus #Ways approach allows us to bring value to all the actors involved in the Healthcare ecosystem, creating a unique flow of information that ensures the best outcomes in each phase.

Dedalus #Ways



The radical change: from the “episodic centric” approach to the “continuum of care”.


A wide and comprehensive approach to deliver true integration of services across the Continuum of Care, through a dedicated platform that offers full semantic interoperability based on Open Standards (FHIR) that enables the modernization of existing applications and the creation of an open ecosystem of solutions in a “API Economy” model.

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  • Prevention
  • Early Detection
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Follow Up
  • End of Life

Primary prevention spans multiple dimensions including legislation and public health, patient empowerment and immunization, with citizens, patients and the community as key stakeholder.

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Early Detection
Early Detection

Clinical evidence demonstrates that pathologies like oncology and cardiology ones need early diagnosis and treatment. In the Continuum of Care, it is fundamental to use flexible solutions able to support Clinicians in Early Detection.

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Increasingly quick, predictive, and efficient tests. Large, consolidated labs. The acceleration of digital pathology. To guarantee efficiency and security, whole these processes need holistic solutions, networking projects experience, competence.

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At the “Core” of the process, all stakeholders need components supporting sharing information, clinical and nursing valuations, drug lifecycle management and the integration with robotic or devices technology.

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Rehabilitation is growing for the life expectancy and related chronic diseases and disabilities. The Continuum of Care needs solutions for the correct planning, delivery, and control of activities and resources.

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Follow Up
Follow Up

The array of activities that make up post-treatment and post-hospitalization care requires the engagement of the patients and the many healthcare professionals supporting them. Each must be informed and engaged about their treatment plan, and supported to execute it.

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End of Life
End of Life

Patient, their family and doctor are supported by a multidisciplinary team of specialists that can share clinical, nursing, psychological and social data, both in hospitals, nursing homes and directly at home.

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