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Lunch & Learn on Nov 27


Join us for lunch as we discuss the applicability of imaging AI for improved clinical decision-making. The talk will try to give a glimpse into the future of further developments of AI applications in the clinical context. We will try to predict which imaging features will be implemented first and which applications might be irreplaceable for future radiologists.



About Dedalus


Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe, supporting globally the digital transformation of 6300 Healthcare Organisations and 5700 Labs and Diagnostic centres worldwide, processing its solutions for more than 540 millions of population worldwide. Dedalus offer supports the whole continuum of care, offering open standards-based solutions serving each actor of the Healthcare Ecosystem to provide better care on a healthier planet. Life Flows through our software. 

We unleash the power of the best solutions for a universal Medical Imaging IT solution stack to solve all diagnostic challenges and processes of our customers, such as radiology and cardiology information systems as well as VNA, Medical Archive, Universal Viewing Systems and supportive tooling.


Everything we do, we do for our customers to provide them with the right expertise and practices for faster, better, and more sustainable results.


We trust in creating new knowledge and sharing it with our partners to strengthen collaboration, empowering every healthcare player to achieve high-quality standards.


Our passion for innovation and understanding needs represents our driver in every phase, from the designing to the execution. A constant learning approach allows us to mitigate roadblocks.

A constellation of different solutions for digital imaging:

Medical Imaging plays a key role in many medical disciplines, and it is assuming more and more a crucial role in healthcare paths
Through our DeepUnity suit, we pursue the path of one unified multidisciplinary offering to co-design the next generation of Medical Imaging IT by harnessing the power of engineering, sharing knowledge in the healthcare ecosystem and leveraging new technologies.

DeepUnity comprises products used across disciplines in clinical diagnostics and thus follow the multi-ology approach. Our DeepUnity suite is powered by pure and hybrid cloud technology to meet every requirement, a fully web-based solution; our development journey leverages new digital enablers like AI and BI.


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