Healthcare is the most expensive service we will all consume in our lifetime, so our mission at Dedalus is to enable everyone in the healthcare ecosystem to collaborate effectively in order to deliver and receive the best care.

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Lunch & Learn on Nov 28


Join us for lunch as we discuss applicability of imaging AI for improved clinical decision making. The talk will try to give a glimpse into the future on further developments of AI applications in the clinical context. We will try to predict which imaging features will be implemented first and which applications might be irreplaceable for future radiologists.



About Dedalus


Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider, supporting the digital transformation of 6300 hospitals and 5300 Laboratories worldwide, processing its solutions for more than 330M patient records. The company recently announced the successful acquisition of DXC Technology’s global healthcare information technology (ICT) business, strengthening its position as a specialist healthcare ICT company, with one of the largest digital health research and development teams in the industry.

We unleash the power of the best solutions for a universal Diagnostic Imaging IT (DIIT) solution stack to solve all diagnostic challenges and processes of our customers, such as radiology and cardiology information systems as well as VNA, Medical Archive, Universal Viewing Systems and supportive tooling


Everything we do, we do for our customers, to provide them the right expertise and practices for faster, better and more sustainable results


We trust in our diverse team, promoting empathy and collaboration, sharing knowledge and empowering them to achieve quality high standards


Our passion in innovation and in understanding needs represents our driver in every phase, from the designing till the execution. A constant learning approach allows us to mitigate roadblocks

DeepUnity – The way to a holistic solution in diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic imaging plays a key role in many medical disciplines. Be it in radiology, cardiology, pathology, ophthalmology, etc.

Dedalus offers an imaging software suite that can be used across medical disciplines as a universal solution: DeepUnity

The DeepUnity Suite includes our PACS, a web-based viewer to enable clinic-wide access to all medical patient data, an application for mobile photo documentation and specific archives. DeepUnity also supports all common communication standards in the medical healthcare segment.

With the DeepUnity Suite you get solutions for:

  • Your diagnostic workstation (image viewing & image diagnosis),
  • Data import/data export options,
  • Healthcare Content Management,
  • Vendor Neutral Archive
  • Enterprise Imaging Solution
  • Mobile Photo Documentation
  • Integrated Reporting


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