PACSonWEB, a DeepUnity solution 3.3.800: Uncovers an Innovative Upload Portal

Enhancing Radiologist Workflow and Introducing a New Platform to Seamlessly Connect with AI.

We are thrilled to introduce the latest iteration of PACSonWEB, version 3.3.800. Our commitment to advancing healthcare technology and augmenting your daily diagnostic practice continues steadily. In this communication, we will dissect the technical intricacies and exhilarating enhancements that PACSonWEB 3.3.800 has in store for radiologists, healthcare institutions and patients.

Innovative Upload Portal: Streamlined Clinical Assessment and Expertise Access

Our focal point in this release is the introduction of an innovative upload portal that promises to cater to the multifaceted requirements of patients, referring physicians, and all PACSonWEB users. This cutting-edge portal is meticulously designed to offer patients a seamless and straightforward solution for uploading an extensive array of medical imaging studies. Be it DICOM data from CDs, DVDs, or local disks, patients can now effortlessly and instantaneously, anytime and anywhere, upload these studies directly through their web browsers, ensuring swift accessibility to the designated imaging institution.

This streamlined process facilitates collaborative diagnostics and the efficient sharing of vital information among healthcare professionals. Administrators at the receiving institution can swiftly review and transfer studies to their local PACS, simplifying the diagnostic workflow. Rest assured, stringent data security measures have been meticulously implemented to safeguard patient information throughout this process, reaffirming our commitment to data confidentiality.

Enhanced Radiologist Workflow and Accessibility – New Improvements

In PACSonWEB 3.3.800, we have incorporated numerous enhancements aimed at augmenting your daily diagnostic activities:

  • Enhanced Reporting: Expect an improved reporting experience with the addition of graphic signatures, enhancing the visual quality of diagnostic documents. Furthermore, the stability of our speech recognition technology has been bolstered, rendering a more reliable user experience during dictation. The utilization of SpeechMikes has also been enhanced for seamless action triggers within PACSonWEB, even when the application is not in focus.
  • Integration with RISonWEB: A tighter integration with RISonWEB, another DeepUnity solution, will enable the exchange of vital radiation dose information and administered products, ensuring comprehensive patient care.
  • Series Picker Filters: New filters in the Series Picker will simplify the process of locating relevant prior studies, streamlining diagnostic procedures.
  • Belgian CoZo eHealth Hub: In Belgium, we are expanding accessibility to non-physician healthcare professionals through the Belgian CoZo eHealth hub, fostering collaborative care.
  • Technology Refresh: Our ongoing technology refresh involves migrating components to the .NET Core framework and incorporating critical updates to DICOM libraries. This ensures state-of-the-art system reliability and performance.

Simplicity Meets Innovation: A Sneak Peek into Our Upcoming AI Integrator

We are delighted to offer you a glimpse into our upcoming innovation, unveiled at RSNA 2023! Our next release will signify a significant milestone in the integration of intelligent AI-based solutions and their impact on your workflow.
Introducing DeepUnity AI Cube, the cornerstone of our AI strategy. As an integral part of the PACSonWEB backend, its seamless integration requires no implementation effort on your part. It is as simple as a click to enable.

Our network of validated AI partners paves the way for effortless integration of their cutting-edge solutions. This not only saves you valuable implementation costs but also offers swift decision support, ultimately enhancing diagnostic precision while seamlessly fitting into your clinical workflow. AI-generated results are presented directly within PACSonWEB.
In this latest release, we’re unveiling the backend architecture, empowering us to conduct early testing and collect invaluable feedback from our carefully selected customer base. Your journey to smarter diagnostics begins here with DeepUnity AI Cube.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our local support team.

Tap into the full potential of cloud-native technologies with PACSonWEB, a DeepUnity solution.

Best regards,
DIIT innovation team

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