Introducing Dedalus In Vitro Diagnostic

Why Dedalus In Vitro Diagnostic is a Market Leader and an Innovator

Effective diagnostic systems are an essential component of healthcare, with an estimated 70% of the world’s medical decisions being dependent on laboratory test results.
As Head of the In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Business Unit, Marlen Suller has a deep insight into the vital role diagnostic testing plays in the continuum of care, from screening for disease prevention and early detection, to patient diagnosis, prognosis, treatment decisions and monitoring.

Highlighting the necessity of testing, Mrs Suller states that “The diagnostic process may involve multiple health care professionals across different organisations. Combining integrated diagnostic approaches such as imaging, pathology, laboratory medicine, patient demographic and clinical history, with advanced information technology, is a major goal for the future of laboratory medicine.”

“Despite diagnostics being the backbone of healthcare, the current “silos model” is failing to unlock its true value,” continues Mrs Suller. “Dedalus IVD accelerates the clinical laboratory digital transformation, enabling a shift from the “silo model” to a more integrated and patient-centred system, which is focused on the patient journey.”

Dedalus IVD plays an important role in allowing healthcare professionals to rapidly and remotely engage, evaluate and collaborate across various disciplines and geographies, thereby supporting full interoperability and data exchange.

“We are experiencing an avalanche of complex and ever-growing data resulting from diagnostic testing, which represents a significant opportunity to improve patient outcome and care decisions,” says Mrs Suller. “We can assist laboratories in utilising this data, not only to drive healthcare decisions, but also to optimise operations and increase laboratory efficiency”.

A Global Business Built on a Strong European Heritage

Dedalus employs more than 6000 people globally, with its IVD Solutions Division comprising a considerable portion of the Company’s portfolio and representing the gold standard in the European market. IVD solution offers the full range of Clinical Pathology, Anatomic Pathology, Digital Pathology and Genetic Solutions portfolios, alongside result reporting, quality assurance and Middleware software.

“Dedalus IVD, building on 30+ years of experience in laboratory solutions, with deployments in over 5700 laboratories, has proven to be highly efficient at promoting laboratory digital transformation. This has enabled multidisciplinary collaboration and information flow amongst all  those health care professionals involved in the diagnostic process,” says Mrs. Suller.

The success of Dedalus IVD builds upon a strong European heritage and a close collaboration with expert regional teams, whose deep market knowledge and skills are instrumental in accelerating its global expansion.

Impactful Innovation

The Dedalus Integrated Diagnostic approach to innovation is centred on promoting digital transformation to achieve improved health outcomes.

“We are developing innovative solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to enhance laboratory efficiency, whilst maintaining high levels of accuracy and reducing diagnosis times,” states Mrs. Suller. “As part of our commitment to meaningful innovation, we are also focusing
on enabling laboratories to keep pace with rapid developments in human genetics.”

Dedalus promotes an innovation mindset, providing the opportunity to test new processes in multiple international settings and rapidly scale up
solutions within the market.

A People-Focused Approach

Dedalus is committed to providing an engaging, rewarding work environment that reflects and inspires the passion of each employee, thereby leading to better healthcare outcomes for millions of patients around the world.

Emphasizing this point, Mrs Suller says “Our staff have a deep knowledge of the IVD market, with a strong sense of belonging and colleague
camaraderie. They value our clients and products and strive to achieve consistent excellent outcomes. These staff members are invaluable and
instrumental to our success.”

Marlen Suller
IVD Business Unit Head at Dedalus

Marlen is working to build a respectful, diverse, and inclusive working environment. She recognises the importance of employees with various backgrounds and perspectives sharing different visions to achieve a coherent and effective solution, thereby leading to innovation and improved decision-making.

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