Data for Life

Dedalus and the open health data journey

Many CIOs and health systems have discovered that the variation in data standards, silos data sit in, and lack of data access are creating major issues. It is also being realised that unwarranted variation in data causes unwarranted variation in care. As we are entering the age of AI and Intelligence health systems and companies like Dedalus are converging on data standards to enable the safe deployment of intelligence and AI real time.

In 2020 the WHO published their  Digital Health Platform Handbook

that focused on the standardisation of this data for the many future uses. In our past we recorded data to make it readable by humans, and it may have been used in future care by doctors or nurses, but its use was reuse was limited. Today we need to record data that may be used to risk stratify patients for decades, play into AI to make decisions about them and will form their “digital twin”. For these reasons we must value data more and design it for future proofed reuse. Indeed data itself is now becoming a capital asset and is regarded as part of the future digital infrastructure for health care – along with physical assets such as hospitals and equipment.

Following the publication of the WHO document I created this summary to show the major standards we use in healthcare and life sciences.

Openness is the key to data for life

 In order to achieve open and connected interoperable data flows, enabling clinical efficiency and effectiveness, and engaged and empowered patients, vendors need to provide with open standards-based solutions that unlock the power of data securely to accelerate innovation and rapidly deliver value to patients, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers and institutions across the whole continuum of care. In Dedalus, we embrace an open health data for life journey, and we are committed to open & interoperable data to provide smart and longitudinal patient records to accelerate the next generation of care delivery, based on a whole person approach.

The discussion is open

 On the 6th of June 2023, I will be keynoting a fantastic conference in Barcelona, looking at OpenEHR and how it relates to the other standards. The conference is entitled  “No time to waste: building the lifelong, patient-centric EHR”, and Dedalus will be providing sponsorship. It follows on from events in Berlin two years ago and an event hosted by the NHS in Salford.

At the conference, we will discuss the standards mentioned before, how they relate to OpenEHR, which is the most established standard for storing person-centric data and how we move forward together to achieve better care.

I will share my summary of the conference in a new article and hope you will join Dedalus on the journey of creating data for life – to support life and to last for the life of the citizens we serve.

Rachel Dunscombe

Chief Industry Advisor

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