A greener marketing approach

Interview with Sara Luisa Mintrone

We all face the urgency to change our behavior in using the planet’s resources. And for someone passionate about nature and mountains like me, this is even more obvious. I strongly believe in the approach based on small but progressive steps, and in this same direction: the whole Dedalus group is developing its strategy to reduce its impact on the planet and its carbon footprint.
Many actions have already been launched in different directions: from a relevant investment in our internal IT backbone to increasingly leverage the cloud and renewable sources of energy, to internal recommendations about using greener forms of travel (trains, bikes, …).

I thought that marketing should play its part in this scenario, promoting internal guidelines to support our statement “Healthy People, Healthy Planet”.

As a first measure, Dedalus Global Marketing has decided to move to digital brochures only, avoiding printing, saving paper, ink, power, transport and much more. We finally won’t see any more of our brochures abandoned in all sorts of places during events.

Similar action has been decided regarding business cards.
Let’s admit it: paper business cards are a disaster. I’m sure I still have more than 2 kilos of business cards collected in years in my drawer, which is completely useless; not to mention how many business cards I threw away in my life just because a few things had changed.
So, we decided to adopt virtual business cards, which can be shared much more effectively, are very easy to update and are always at hand, being available on our mobile (which we know is always at hand!).
In this case it’s not only about saving raw materials and energy, but it is also about introducing a smarter and more efficient way to share contacts with clients, prospects, partners.

Thirdly, action was taken concerning gadgets and promotional items. Instead of using physical objects, we decided to start a collaboration with a non-profit association, “One Tree Planted”, dedicated to global reforestation: instead of physical giveaways, we donate for each lead collected during events.

We are just at the beginning, and I know it won’t be easy to stick to this approach. We are already facing some resistance to change… but we are determined to continue in this direction with more initiatives.

I am well aware these initiatives are nothing huge, but as I said, I firmly believe in the “little steps” approach.

By reducing paper, energy consumption and waste, Global Marketing contributes to the Dedalus strategy to support a more sustainable future.

Healthy People, Healthy Planet.

Sara Luisa Mintrone

Group Chief Marketing Officer

She started her career in Healthcare IT in 1986 as a software analyst and programmer.
From that moment, she experienced the evolution of Healthcare IT assuming different roles in the technical area, professional services and consulting, business development and marketing.
Working for relevant multinational companies, she had the chance to explore the different perspectives of multiple healthcare ecosystem stakeholders: patients and citizens, clinical and diagnostic professionals, service providers, regional and national regulatory systems.
In Dedalus she held different responsibilities: from International Business Development to Strategic Marketing and Product Management, to the current position of Group Chief Marketing Officer.
With a Degree in Communication and Marketing, she’s continuously focused on innovation to support valuable, ethical, effective, efficient and sustainable healthcare.

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