Enable the Continuum of Care across multiple organisations and stakeholders by focussing on population health needs, integrating care pathways, and supporting patients with effective digital tools to support their health and care.

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Integrated care and connected care are two fast evolving concepts that have the potential to leverage personalised health. On one hand, the restructuring of care models and implementation of new systems, and coordinated care programmes providing coaching and advanced intervention possibilities thus enables medical decision support and personalised healthcare services. On the other hand, the connected health ecosystem provides a platform to follow and support citizens via personal health systems in their everyday activities, thus, giving rise to an unprecedented wealth of data.

Dedalus offers a set of innovative solutions supporting the continuum of care across multiple organizations and stakeholders, providing efficient care planning and effective patient digital journey tools.

The radical change: from the “episodic centric” approach to the “continuum of care”.

Our solutions responding to today’s challenge: creating services in a Continuum of Care to holistically manages the whole “patient journey”. Our system simplifies the relationship between the patient and all stakeholders, both public and private and can support the professionals provide applications to share methodologies, tools, and experience in order to have homogeneous approaches and behaviors among all people who have in charge of the patient.

By Connected Care we mean an Integrated, Digitized System that allows to:

  • Involve patients during the care process (Patient Journey)
  • Support clinicians in the assessment of the patient’s condition using also remote services/hardware and providing platforms for multidisciplinary activities
  • Analyze data in order to correctly target treatments and care processes (outcomes)

Our approach to the Continuum of Care allows to GPs the monitoring and viewing of all measurements taken during the engagement period of patients directly thanks to the telemonitoring, shared, through FHIR resources, with the Control Center.

Web-based solutions for citizens to maintain direct contact with professionals during all his care pathway.

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