Healthcare technology experts to guide and deliver your transformational outcomes, letting you focus on your business.

Dedalus services support our clients into the digital transformation journey.

The way to deliver effectively solutions in the healthcare ecosystem is rapidly evolving. It’s fundamental to rely on experts that will help ensure your support is flawless; your end users are happy; your issues get resolved; your security is breach-proof; your workforce is healthy and your applications perform as designed.

At Dedalus we help our clients to move through  their digital transformation journey in multiple ways, delivering our solutions both on traditional on-premises modality or via a Cloud or Hybrid Cloud approach. Cloud-based applications while concentrating on utilizing optimum benefits of technology, offer the best value for money and offer an easy to use interface.

Thanks to the “as-a-service” model, the healthcare industry experiences fewer staff requirements and no extra hardware is needed. It provides high security, privacy, and dependability. It offers higher agility in scaling software to fulfill new business demands. The knowledgeable staff provide complete help desk support and ensure maximum uptime for applications, ensuring automatic updates and upgrades without interruption.

Here are some benefits Dedalus can provide through its “as-a-service” cloud-based approach:

  • Multiply productivity: Complete monitoring services ameliorate the ability to prevent issues
  • Minimize service costs and time, reducing total cost of operations and providing a faster return on investments on evolving systems.
  • Data storage capabilities: The cloud can handle big data volumes for the healthcare industry. Healthcare cloud can efficiently and securely store data.
  • Enhance Security: While cloud computing is regarded as an inappropriate platform for hosting healthcare data, the reality is that the investments and the compliance audits (HIPAA) completedby the cloud provider partner in infrastructure and security are incomparable with the ones each single client could do.

For the traditional “on-premises” approach, Dedalus supports its clients through a comprehensive portfolio of professional services and teams of highly specialised experts in the different technical domains: operating systems, database management, network and workstations.

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