Manage healthcare data across departments and institutions. Reduce data silos, avoid vendor lock-ins and expand interoperability for a smoother workflow and reduction in costs

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DeepUnity eVNA - The core for your enterprise content strategy

Through an increasing number of proprietary solutions that have their own storage components, interfaces, viewing systems and upgrade paths, healthcare institutions are facing more complexity by implementing other solutions in their IT-Landscape. With Dedalus’ DeepUnity eVNA you can avoid vendor lock-ins, optimize workflows and create an infrastructure that allows you to save hardware, storage and operational costs for the whole institution. This is not the only benefit. Due to the synergies created between different departments, data migration will become much simpler. Accessing data from the EMR, a consistent multimedia patient record can be established, resulting in sharing and accessing DICOM and non-DICOM data for optimal medical data management.

In addition to capturing, storage, management and analysis of any medical data, our zero-footprint universal viewer allows you to view all data from any PC, at any time.

The DeepUnity eVNA was created for optimal workflow support of different use case scenarios, even beyond the boundaries of your own healthcare facility. Healthcare data is projected to increase continuously. It is therefore indispensable to implement a data storage strategy to manage medical data more efficiently. You can set up your future data management strategy with DeepUnity eVNA.

Key Benefits

  • Implementation of a future data storage strategy
  • Synergies in information lifecycle management, workflow, data security and data mining
  • Extensive interoperability and improved data exchange
  • Avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Reducing hardware, storage and operational costs
  • Decreasing unplanned downtimes
  • Central auditing and monitoring of system performance
  • Unified access to different data types and formats
  • Supports document and imaging workflows

Product Information

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Request a brochure, book a product demo or simply ask a question: our specialists are at your disposal to answer to all your needs or doubts.

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