Nagold Hospitals – import, export, exchange solution

“For me, web-based image exchange is a clear future model, ultimately leading to completely replacing CDs. The essential benefit of image exchange is that, in the event of unforeseen acute problems, I have the immediate possibility to share the examination images in real-time with a colleague at any location. This system makes it possible to make images available to other hospitals and colleagues in a quick and uncomplicated manner.”

Dr. Grünke

Initial situation:

  • X-ray films were replaced with CDs
  • The CD solution has now been replaced by an import, export and exchange solution
  • Successful go-live and use started in 2022


  • Simple user handling of the system
  • Direct forwarding of medical images to patients and referring physician with little effort
  • The patient or the referring physician must be able to download and view the image with little IT affinity
  • The possibility of holistic hospital use
  • It must be interoperable with existing hospital systems


  • Web-based possibility of providing examinations or medical images for patients and third parties
  • A system that goes beyond radiology and its requirements
  • Complete solution integration into hospital workflows
  • Due to its interoperability, other departments additionally have the option to use the system for their requests


  • Quicker communication between clinical practitioners at any locationt
  • Efficiency in providing images to several involved parties simultaneously
  • No need to search for external data carriers
  • Web-based solution for medical imaging data import, export and exchange
  • All information systems from a single source result in unparalleled interoperability and use of data

Good to know

  • The Nagold Hospitals are among the first facilities to have used many Dedalus components early on. Starting as of 2001 up to today, use of the health information system, the integrated radiology information system, the PACS system and HYDMedia has been a success
  • The Nagold Hospitals belonged to the Southwest Clinic Association (Klinikverbund Südwest) with an obligation to care for approx. 550,000 people within its core catchment area
  • Beyond basic and standard care, around 5,000 members of staff from over 70 nations and 125 occupational groups also provide care for those afflicted by complex diseases in highly specialized centers at its locations
  • The Nagold Hospitals treat approx. 42,000 outpatient cases and, with 227 planned beds, 12,000 inpatient cases on a yearly basis
  • The interview was carried out with Dr. Grünke, the chief physician of the radiology and nuclear medicine department and Ms. Krießler, the head of IT

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