Let's invent the future of the European data cloud in E-health with Gaia-X

Dedalus, one of Europe’s largest & fastest growing Health Software leaders, has joined Gaia-X AISBL, the Brussels-based Association promoting the establishment of a European federated data and cloud infrastructure.

Delivering efficient solutions in the healthcare ecosystem is rapidly evolving and the Gaia-X Association (AISBL), aims to ensure European companies can access cloud platforms that are secure, interoperable and energy efficient, and that guarantee data privacy and sovereignty. It also seeks to foster a cloud ecosystem aligned with European values and laws, enabling vertical and horizontal chains where data can be easily exchanged but still controlled within trusted data spaces.

Dedalus favors cloud solutions for clients due to much needed data sharing enhancement; increased security; data storage capabilities and the ability to multiply productivity and minimize costs and time. Therefore, being part of Gaia X and being compliant is mission critical to the Dedalus core values and mission.

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