PACSonWEB's great benefits will enable radiology service to expand without limits

Clinica Arequipa, Perú – Dedalus LATAM

The Arequipa Clinic, a pioneering private healthcare institution in southern Peru, is renowned for its exceptional care to over 2 million people. Its radiology department, processing around 30,000 studies yearly, faced challenges in meeting the growing patient demand for digital access to medical images.

The clinic’s partnership with Dedalus and the subsequent implementation of PACSonWEB, a cutting-edge cloud-native PACS solution, marked a significant leap in its digital strategy. This transition was not just about technological advancement but also about transforming patient care and operational efficiency.

PACSonWEB has enabled the radiology department to overcome previous limitations of internal image viewing. The new system facilitates remote access to medical images, offering patients and medical staff alike unparalleled convenience and efficiency. This change is pivotal for urgent cases, where swift access to medical data can be crucial.

Moreover, this digital shift has greatly enhanced patient experience, granting them the ability to remotely access their medical images. This is especially beneficial for those with mobility challenges or residing in distant areas, eliminating the need for physical travel to the clinic.

The implementation of PACSonWEB at Arequipa Clinic represents more than a technological upgrade. It symbolizes a commitment to patient-centered care, operational excellence, and an innovative approach to healthcare delivery, as highlighted by Dr. Lizardo D. Lozada M., Chairman of the Board. This strategic move has set a new standard in healthcare services, demonstrating the clinic’s dedication to progress and excellence.

“Our previous system only allowed us to view images internally in the clinic, and did not provide a web portal for patients needing to access their images. Now, thanks to the PACSonWEB Portal, we have been able to optimise and provide a state-of-the-art service, as well as achieve significant efficiencies in the operation”.

Dr. Lizardo D. Lozada M., Chairman of the Board, Arequipa Clinic

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