Michaela Schreiter

International Women in Engineering Day 2022

Teamlead Product Ownership | Product Manager Image Exchange/Integrated Care Located in Vienna, Austria.

I started working at Dedalus in 2013 as software developer and had a few different positions and responsibilities within Product Marketing and Product Management.

Currently, I am part of the Portfolio Management team within the DIIT PBU at Dedalus and working as teamlead for our Product Owners. In my role as Product Manager Image Exchange/Integrated Care I am mainly responsible for the new development of the Patient XCare Suite, which is a patient- and referring physician portal that should seamlessly integrate with our ORBIS and DeepUnity portfolio. Furthermore, there are some other products and developments within the DIIT portfolio, where I am involved, e.g. DeepUnity XChange Web, Web.Access or PACSonWEB.

What attracted you to a career in Engineering/STEM?
For me Engineering is a fascinating field which has a major impact on our everyday life. Especially when you think about how technology evolved over the past decades, it is exciting to be part of the current and future development.

Why is it important for you to have diversity within your team?
The great thing about diversity is, that everybody within the team has his/her own view, experience and approach to solve problems. Bringing these strengths together drives a culture where people are open-minded and think out-of-the-box. In my opinion this is a huge advantage if you want to be innovative and develop products that our customers love.

What would you say to young females who are thinking about studying engineering education?
Engineering is very broad and, depending on the industry, the fields of application and activities are very diverse. A technical degree offers a good prerequisite for acquiring basic fundamental knowledge and then developing further in the task and application area that fits best to your personal interest and abilities. It is also an extremely promising and exciting industry, so I can absolutely recommend a study to all young women with an interest in technology!

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