Giulia Scalaberni

International Women in Engineering Day 2022

I am Giulia, a technology and IT enthusiast based in Florence (Italy). I started working at Dedalus 3 years ago as a BI specialist working with SQL and databases. I recently took on the role of product manager for the BI4H solution. I need to know very well the technology we use in our solution to well address resources and planning.

But my aim has remained the same, to get the most out of the data using innovation and passion.

Why did you choose engineering as your education?
This was a “natural choice” for me at middle school, since technology has always attracted me. Although I belong to the cloud era, I’ve tried floppy disks and other old devices just to see how they work.

What would you say to young females who are thinking about studying engineering education?
Don’t be influenced about prejudices, we are already changing the trend. Please follow just your passion and enjoy the run!

Is there something you wish you knew when you were deciding on your career?
“You will do a lot of meetings where you will be the only woman and this may seem like a problem to you. But your skills and passion will never make you feel any inequality.”

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