Chloe Brooks

International Women in Engineering Day 2022

Name: Chloe Brooks
Job title: Business Change Analyst
Location: Leeds, UK
Education: PhD in Health Policy from the University of Leeds
Current role: I started working for Dedalus in October 2021.  I spent 6 months working as an Implementation Specialist on the NHS Digital Terminology Server, as well as working with North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust on their Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) implementation. Subsequently, I have continued to work with North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust on their Digital Aspirants programme, but in a business change role. In particular, I mainly work on their All Age Wellbeing Portal, an online facility for people seeking support and advice for their mental wellbeing.

Why is it important for you to have diversity within your team?
For me it is reflective of, and says a lot about, the values of the team, and the organisation of which we are a part of. Being in the earlier stage of my career, having diversity within my team means that there is a greater breadth of ideas and skills in the team that I can learn from and work with. Ultimately, it enables us to do our job better. Diversity in our teams mean we have contrasting and complementary skill sets, experiences and ideas that we can bounce off each other and be critical friends. This enables us to better serve the needs of our clients on their digital transformation journey, and improve outcomes for our end users – clinicians, patients and their communities. The clients and communities that we serve are also diverse, and we need to reflect that in order to best serve them. On a personal level, it also makes for a more enjoyable work environment, with more interesting conversations. Seeing diverse people (including women) in more senior roles show me that the glass ceiling can be broken.

What advice would you give to someone deciding on a career in Engineering/STEM?
There are so many different roles (not just software engineer), it is worth taking time to explore all the opportunities out there and finding something you are really passionate about. For example, I am working in an organisational change role. You also don’t need a technical background for all of the roles; I came from a global health/health policy background. Whatever career you choose, people skills and ‘soft’ skills are still important – so don’t forget about building a well-rounded skillset. Don’t be afraid to ask people for advice. Build your network and take advantage of any mentoring opportunities.

What attracted you to a career at Dedalus?
What do you like about working for Dedalus?

Knowing that the work we do makes a real difference to health and healthcare. It is an exciting time to be working in this area, particularly due to the renewed attention given to digital health as a result of Covid-19. The opportunity to use my existing skills and knowledge, as well as the opportunity to continue to learn new skills. Working in a technology environment with a focus on innovation, but where the focus is very much on people –clinicians and patient. I have enjoyed being involved in the value ambassador programme, alongside colleagues from all areas and levels of the organisation and seeing our collective ideas starting to be implemented, particularly around wellbeing and diversity and inclusion.

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