Cécile Neau

International Women in Engineering Day 2022

In DEDALUS France since august 2019, I decided to join the healthcare sector to give more meaning to my professional career after 20 years as Project Manager in Petrochemical industries in Luxembourg.

I am now responsible of the pre-sales department for Managed Services, Hosting and Interoperability offers. Married, mother of 3 teenagers, I like sports, travels and share good time with people.

What do you like about your career in a Engineering/STEM role?
Engineering is innovating every day. Different genders can bring a different eye to innovation.

What skills do you develop in your career at Dedalus?
As Dedalus is growing and integrating people from many countries, it is the opportunity to develop adaptability and patience.

Why is it important for you to have diversity within your team?
Diversity in a team allow the team to bring disruption in an organisation : to innovate quicker and stimulate intrapreneurship.

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