Catherine Arnaud-Banse

International Women in Engineering Day 2022

I’m Catherine Arnaud-Banse I work as project manager officer in R&D. I joined Dedalus 2 years ago and I am from Paris, France.
My job is to work on projects that impact several teams at the same time and to be able to report on the status of the project. In my role at Dedalus, I work with the French R&D team on large and complex projects!
Ségur Project, This is the largest governmental E-health project ever carried out in France. For Dedalus it impacts 10 of our software and requires 13 different certifications
I am an engineer on Health Information Technology and after this I have completed a year of studies to do a Specialized Master in Information Systems Management.

What do you like about your career in a Engineering/STEM role?
I like the fact that no day is the same as technologies are constantly evolving and our society is too. This means we have to grow and ensure that our visions and aspirations evolve according to these criteria such as innovation and new ways of working.

Why did you chose a career in Engineering/STEM for Health?
In France I start my career by doing 2 years of general science studies before specialising. These were complicated years and not very concrete, so I did an internship in a hospital. I made this decision at the time and I realised “there are so many problems and optimisations that we could avoid or do thanks to software to help the caregivers”, from that moment I realised that this is what I wanted to do as my career.

What attracted you to a career at Dedalus? What do you like about working for Dedalus?
Working for a company whose main goal is to improve the daily lives of caregivers and patients through science as it makes getting up in the morning worth it!

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