Most Health Systems Should Initiate ‘Conscious Decoupling’ from Ambulatory/Retail Care

Podcast Interview with Damon Auer, Chief Executive & General Manager, North America Dedalus

One the main keys to success in any business is focusing on certain products and services to the exclusion of others – to draw a circle in the sand and say, ‘We play in these areas, and in them we will be the best.’ If an organization can’t be great at something that others are doing better, it may be time to reallocate those resources. For Damon Auer, the time for health systems with hospitals at their core to decouple from the ambulatory/retail space is now. It’s a bold prediction, driven by the observable fact that new entrants into that space are providing an Amazon-like experience which established, acute-centric organizations can only dream about. In this Partner Perspective interview with healthsystemCIO Founder and Editor-in-Chief Anthony Guerra; Auer, Chief Executive & Managing Director, North America, Dedalus Group, discusses these issues and many more.

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