Support Primary Care Centers and GPs with effective and easy-to-use tools improving time to patient and operational efficiency.

Primary care is the foundation of a solid, reliable and effective Healthcare system. All different organizations that are in charge of primary care must rely on integrated solutions able to support real population health management. The role of General Practitioners is key in this sector: they represent the privileged point of contact with the patient, to correctly address its lifestyle and wellbeing. Dedalus offer spans across different solutions able to support all the primary care settings and daily activities of GPs with effective and easy-to-use tools improving quality, time to patient and operational efficiency.

Our solutions can facilitate the communication between Hospitals and Territory to create a really Community inside the healthcare ecosystem in which all actors, from patients to caregivers, healthcare professionals, and national/regional authorities can effectively collaborate to improve all the determinants of health.

Thanks to our solutions dedicated to Primary Care, General Practitioners can connect directly with the Diagnostic Centers, Healthcare Structures, and Patients themselves, changing better the process of prescription, check-in, production of reports, and data collection in EMRs.

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