Securely extend your current Patient Administrative System (PAS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to provide virtual consultations.

Improving access to care is critical; whether during a crisis, connecting a remote location or transforming to support a more sustainable and affordable care model. Whatever the driver, the sense of urgency for centering care around the patient, supporting healthcare workers and enabling collaboration across care teams, is advancing quickly. Healthcare services are looking for secure, fast and cost-effective solutions.

Telehealth services ensure healthcare treatment and care initiatives can continue, regardless of location, patient resources, restrictions due to a pandemic etc. . Having online virtual healthcare consultations available provides benefits by enhancing equity in access to care through a better and more convenient patient-centric service. As a bonus care models based on telehealth will also reduce the ‘did not attend’ numbers.

Enabling Telehealth Solutions

With extensive experience developing and implementing patient management systems and secure integration services, Dedalus is working with healthcare service providers across Iberia region to set up Telehealth and virtual care services. Key features include secured messaging, patient data protection, video conferencing and sensor/medical equipment integration through our Open Health Connect platform. We leverage open national standards likeHL7 FHIR to deliver interobality of data and clinical pathways across the care continuum. This will help healthcare organizations to collaborate and work seamlessly with the patient as the primary focus.

Dedalus Integrated Telehealth Platform can be used with any patient administration systems (PAS) alongside Open Health Connect digital interoperability platform. That allows the solution to be agnostic of the underlying PAS or scheduling solution and it will connect with any of the telehealth platforms already developed and adopted by the market such as MS Teams, Zoom, Doxy.me.

For example, Healthcare services with Dedalus EHRs for primary and acute care (eSIAP, xHIS and HCIS) and Microsoft Teams would be able to connect patients and clinicians through a secure video encounter, wherever they are, by utilizing DXC Open Health Connect to ensure secure interoperability with HL7 FHIR standards

Key Benefits

  • Complement your current PAS and EHR investments with video consults for a more integrated remote patient-engagement solution.
  • Enable video-consults while keeping current PAS workflows, legislative reporting and billing necessary's in tact.
  • Leverage Government of Private funding provided for Telehealth consults.
  • Virtually manage your outpatient visits integrated with PAS.
  • Leverage existing MS Teams enterprise agreement.
  • Quick time to market at a very competitive price.

Key features

  • Demand for Telehealth services to allow social distancing in response to COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • No previous Telehealth solution used.
  • High costs and long implementation time for COTS Telehealth Products.
  • Current telephone and video consults are not integrated into webPAS.

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