ORBIS U: The Foundation for Modern Digital Healthcare

Integrating clinical data across the organisation

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Europe’s leading EPR solution – Designed by Clinicians, for Clinicians

ORBIS, installed in over 1,000 hospitals across Europe, is the number one EPR in Germany and France, measured by installed base. ORBIS U, the newest version, is based on more than 25 years of ORBIS development and user experience, incorporating a wealth of insights and innovation. ORBIS U is optimised to support the delivery of care with clinicians and their supporting administrative workflows as the starting point. Relevant data is captured at the point of care and made available in real time to support the planning, monitoring, reporting and billing processes.


ORBIS U is a comprehensive EPR system. It consists of more
than 40 integrated clinical modules, that cover all processes within the daily business of healthcare providers. It digitally supports medical and nursing workflows and can be integrated with our PAS/existing PAS solution to support seamless managerial and administrative workflows. With ORBIS U, you can design the processes in your clinic efficiently and comprehensively. This reduces expenses for administrative tasks, documentation, and coordination, increasing time for care and focusing on delivering improvements in care delivery and outcomes.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use, modern, intuitive interfaces, and device independent
  • Seamless workflows and focus on user experience to allow the best possible care for patients and optimised usability for caregivers
  • Clinical decision support
  • Built-in clinical workflows allow you to configure your own specific functionalities tailored to user groups
  • Interoperability and compliant
  • Scalability and flexibility

Benefits Across the Hospital

Whether you’re a Patient, Clinician, IT Specialists, or Manager, ORBIS U enables new efficiencies and care opportunities.

For Patients

« Suffering from a disease is stressful enough. I don‘t like keeping track of my patient records and hanging on the phone for doctor appointments while working hard to recover. I welcome the idea of having all of my patient journey‘s data under control while benefiting from convenient digital services. »

For Clinicians

« As a clinician, I want to focus on my patients, not on administration. I need an intuitive system that adapts to my daily routines and supports me in making the right clinical decisions at the right time. »

For IT Specialists

« The time of software dinosaurs is over. Instead flexibility, high availability and easy deployment matter. We need a healthcare information system that dynamically scales with our requirements while keeping cost and maintenance effort low. »

For Managers

« Taking care of patients is at the core of every hospital while time and cost matter ever more. As managers, we like the idea of having tools supporting us in maintaining efficiency and, at the same time, helping our people to focus on their caretaking tasks. »


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