Environmental, Social and Governance


Dedalus, as part of the global software industry, is deeply engaged in developing policies to support sustainability concerning the work we do with our clients, our employees, and society in general. For Dedalus, sustainability means balancing financial and environmental policies and, through responsible governance, meeting societal requirements in all our business activities.

For many years, Dedalus has been focused on sustainability, responsible corporate governance, wellness, safety and equal opportunities for employees, and respect for the environment and high-quality outcomes for our clients.


The digital transformation of the healthcare ecosystem, while addressing the imperative of the Quadruple Aim, must, at the same time, positively respond to environmental issues.

The mission-critical information technology infrastructure that underpins healthcare delivery must adopt the latest innovations, such as hybrid cloud, to optimize processing power that is increasingly required to process the vast amount of data healthcare generates and create value for patients, clinicians and research. In addition, effective business continuity is a fundamental requirement at every critical point of care and can now be assured through 5G network connectivity, with enhanced cyber-security by design.

Dedalus embraces this vision and has built its strategy to contribute to the healthy planet plan by reducing the carbon footprint generated by healthcare IT.






Hybrid Cloud adoption for internal and external services designed to maximize the energy efficiency and renewable sources (up to 100%)

Centralized Monitoring, measurement and automation to track optimized lean processes

New IT backbone architecture designed around privacy and security

Smart Workplaces: Reduce transport, Home office kit/wellness, Device selection, Energy saving guidelines



25 Millions of patients, 100.000 health professionals currently served

Increased Business Continuity, Security and Flexibility

Consistent saving in power supply and cooling thanks to the new specific software design paradigms

Overwhelming improvement in performance: + 40% Reduction of Transaction Time


Dedalus has practices in place in terms of training and diversity and applies different profit-sharing schemes.

Dedalus is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity with a good share of women in management positions. In the Code of Ethics, Dedalus is committed to prevent any discriminatory behaviours.

We believe in equal opportunities for our employees.

Dedalus provides its employees with wellness support, health and safety facilities, such as Health Care Assurance, and has dedicated policies to create healthy and safe workplaces.

Developing the skills of our staff is essential to delivering value to our customers and society in general and, to this end, we have created the Dedalus Academy. The Academy is a platform where employees can access webinars on specific topics related to their work. We are continuously increasing the number of training courses available on both technical topics and soft skills.

In the very first days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked to provide all the necessary tools and devices to enable our people to work remotely and continue to support our customers, be at their side and help deliver healthcare services at that difficult time.

We are investing in an extensive transformation project and a new Information System to simplify and harmonise our internal processes and improve the quality of outcomes for customers. New generation collaboration environments, agile procedures and service management tools will help our staff to focus on value-added activities. Thanks to an enhanced business data model, real time analytics will help every employee steering daily operations towards our objectives, increasing operational efficiency and shortening reporting time.


Dedalus has overall standard practices regarding its corporate governance including adoption and updating of the 231 Model and Code of Ethics. To help safeguard cyber-security, Dedalus is compliant to GDPR and has obtained ISO 27001 certification including the maintenance of the Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Dedalus focuses its activity on quality and responsibility towards clients, allowing us to obtain ISO13485 accreditation.

Dedalus strongly believes that companies that score well on ESG metrics can better anticipate future risks and see opportunities, by being more willing to engage in long-term strategic thinking that is focused on long-term value creation. Our ambition is to maximise our positive social impact toward all stakeholders by effectively combining ESG best practices across all of the our entities.

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