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Dedalus is committed to providing an engaging, rewarding work experience that reflects the passion our employees bring to our mission of helping clinicians and nurses deliver better care to their served communities.

Our company fosters a culture where employees are encouraged to learn and innovate, and to enable and enhance clinical co-operation and processes while making a meaningful difference for millions of people around the world. Each person is the end point and the starting point of the Group’s activities and the ultimate beneficiary. For this reason, we are so proud of doing our «very special jobs» each day.

Our company is enriched by a diverse population of 6.300 individuals in more than 30 countries that work together to innovate and drive better healthcare options for millions of patients around the world. We are the people of Dedalus.


Our core values are at the heart of our identity. They support us in our efforts to achieve our strategic goals and make Dedalus a great place to work by guiding our daily actions and decisions.

Our five core values are: to embrace people and challenges, to achieve excellence together, to drive innovation at scale, to pursue diversity and inclusion, and to ensure we are individually and collectively accountable for transforming our future.


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Em conformidade com a Lei nº 14.611 da Igualdade Salarial, sancionada em 3 de julho de 2023, disponibilizamos o nosso Relatório de Transparência Salarial. Este relatório é uma demonstração do nosso compromisso com a equidade e a transparência em relação às remunerações em nossa organização.

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