Vision & Purpose

We help Caregivers and Healthcare professionals to deliver better care to their served communities.


A digitally-enabled healthcare ecosystem where all stakeholders actively collaborate across the continuum of care to improve each citizen’s health outcomes


Serve each actor in the Health Care Ecosystem to provide better care for a healthier planet

With our innovative framework of comprehensive and process-oriented solutions, we enable the revolutionary digital transformation of healthcare ecosystem in these 5 areas of intervention:

  • Mission critical IT infrastructure. The consumption of Hybrid Cloud as utility services , optimise data processing and “insight, edge-computing at the point of care, to provide further business continuity and strengthening cybersecurity. Dedalus is committed to become carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Mission critical Healthcare Platforms. A huge amount of data siloed in different systems, for many years, prevent effective continuity of care. The Healthcare platform will liberate the “trapped” data, boosting Innovation, Medical Research and Surveillance. It will enable effictive data driven collaboration across the Continuum of Care.
  • Modernisation of proprietary and ‘closed’ healthcare applications to progressively embrace the latest Open Data architectures and make clinical decision support central to real-time decision support for healthcare professionals and enable personalised medicine (precision medicine) by integrating genetic and phenotype data into routine clinical care.
  • Creation of a ‘Digital Front Door’ establishing multi-channel “routes” to activate f citizen in their wellbeing. Facilitating caregivers, democratising access to health services, moving provision from Acute to Home Care Services”.
  • Multi-Resource Demand and Supply planning optimisations. To enable the aggregation of multiple data sets to monitor in real time the use of human and physical resource, to respond efficiently to Crisis Management (e.g. Covid 19 outbreak).

Dedalus is committed to support the Ecosystem Stakeholders: Patients, Care Giv ers, GPs, Families, C-Levels Leaders, Health Professionals and Administrative staff, Life Sciences Researchers, Worldwide Healthcare IT Community, to achieve excellence together.

For this reason, we are so proud to do a “very special job” every day.

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