Overcoming challenges from handwritten records to Medview

Complexo Hospitalar Santa Casa de Bragança Paulista

The transition from handwritten records to the new Medview platform presented surmountable challenges at the Santa Casa de Bragança Paulista  Hospital Complex. Overcoming resistance to change required team effort to improve digital skills, ensuring information and patient security. Over time, Medview has brought about operational efficiency, quick access to information and agility in the diagnosis, prescription, and follow-up processes.

“In August 2013 we started using MEDVIEW; until then, all documents generated by the care areas were produced manually. I see MEDVIEW D as a watershed in terms of the computerisation of the Santa Casa de Bragança Paulista CHSC, bringing greater security and agility to the service. In 2024 we will launch MEDVIEW EVO, together with DEDALUS and the support of our board of directors, we will continue to work to maximise the benefits that technology can offer our patients.”

Adão Souza, IT Manager

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