A Look at the Global (Non-US) EMR (EPR) Market In 2022 From The KLAS Report

by William Smart

The fluctuating global scenario, primarily due to the pandemic, has had profound implications on numerous sectors, healthcare being one of the main ones. As organisations worldwide are reconsidering their technology priorities, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), sometimes called Electronic Patient Record (EPR) initiatives continue to take priority, with many countries implementing digital standardisation policies.

Overview and key findings of 2022 (Global (Non-US) EMR Market Share 2023 report)

According to KLAS, 2022 saw 164 validated EPR purchase decisions impacting 532 hospitals and over 82,000 beds. The data spanned 30 different vendors across 31 countries. Despite this being the least active year for EPR purchases in the past five years, certain markets, particularly Europe and Latin America, maintained a high activity level.

While Asia and the Middle East displayed lesser activity, regions like Canada and Oceania, relatively silent in 2022, are expected to witness considerable action in 2023 owing to sizable contracts on the horizon.

Dedalus: Success and Leadership in the EPR Market

As noted in the KLAS report, several multiregional and regional vendors made significant strides in the EPR market in 2022. Among them, Dedalus was a consistent front-runner across regions, with strong customer engagement and success in multiple markets.

Dedalus showcased its strength in Europe, where it led in multiregional decisions and continued its success as a leading provider, particularly in Italy, with high levels of market penetration.

Outside of Europe, Dedalus demonstrated its global capability by winning an EPR contract in Morocco, where it successfully competed against other vendors in the Middle East and Africa region to expand its footprint.

These achievements emphasise Dedalus’ commitment to innovation and quality customer engagement and reflect its position as a dominant player in the global EPR market.

Outlook for the EPR Market and Dedalus

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, so too will the trends in EPR adoption and utilisation. Coupled with its EPR leadership position in Europe and the launch of their flagship EPR in the UK and Ireland, Dedalus is undoubtedly well-equipped to continue its growth trajectory as a top provider in the global (non-US) EPR market.

These insights provided by the KLAS report underscore the importance of vendors like Dedalus in shaping the EPR market dynamics and offering innovative solutions for hospitals across the globe.

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Here’s our press release on the report:   Dedalus Recognized Among the Top EMR Software Providers – Dedalus Global

William has been working in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. He was formerly the CIO for Health & Care in England. He now works as the Global Director of External Relations & UKI Director of Provider Transformation for Dedalus. His main focus is now leading the introduction of ORBIS U to the UKI market.

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