Dedalus lays the foundation for an effective diagnostic network to connect specialities, disciplines and laboratories.

The growing demand for integrated care and networked organization of services involves the construction of diagnostic networks that connect laboratories and hospitals as well as other specialised care settings, with varied clinical specialties and disciplines.

The network is entrusted with responding to the growing complexity of healthcare processes and the need to share knowledge, skills, care paths, professionals and technology, in order to expand and complete the diagnostics. It highlights needs such as multidisciplinary working, evidence based medicine, continuity of care and, last but not least, ensures keeping the patient at the centre of all care.

A key role is Digital Pathology which Dedalus, thanks to its deep knowledge of pathology workflow and pathways can maximise the benefits from.

Dedalus lays the foundations for an effective diagnostic network by combining a shared repository of clinical best practices and protocols with a platform that evolves over time while remaining complete backwards-compatibility.

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