Swiftqueue: The Complete Enterprise Scheduling Platform for Healthcare

Increasing capacity and improving patient engagement

Revolutionising healthcare appointments to enable a more efficient patient-centred process for Hospitals and Clinics


Patient Engagement Made Easy

Innovative solutions are transforming the way healthcare organisations and clinicians engage with patients. By bringing together these innovations coupled with patient behavioral change Swiftqueue, our healthcare scheduling platform, helps to increase capacity, improve patient satisfaction and deliver efficiencies across clinics, organisations and healthcare systems.

We are a leading supplier of clinical appointment scheduling in the UK and Ireland, working with over 80 customers across multiple specialties.

The Swiftqueue platform is delivering tangible results and a rapid return on investment for customers, benefiting:

Patients by empowering them and giving them choice.
Clinicians by providing information, optimal work patterns, flexibility and improved patient communication.
Managers and Administrators by increasing capacity, reducing the administration burden on clinics and hospitals.
Service Planners and Managers in an ICS, a provider group or network by providing visibility, capacity, patient flow and real time data across services.

The solution has been built for healthcare, is a cloud-based SaaS platform built on proven mobile and internet technologies and meets security and information governance standards.

The complete enterprise scheduling platform for healthcare can be delivered in less than 4-6 weeks for simple implementations.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Capacity
    • can be managed across a network
    • examples: increased overall capacity by 20%, 2 slots per hour per clinic, up to 700 patients per week
  • Reduced Waiting Lists
    • for example, using Swiftqueue to triage patients reduced a patient waiting list by 60%
  • Reducing DNA’s
    • DNA rates reduced by up to 100%
  • Reduced Hospital Footfall
    • for example, hospital footfall reduced by more than 50% with 6,000 phlebotomy appointments seen in the community
  • Empowering Patients
    • in 2022 over 2.5 million people self-referred for healthcare services
    • over 4 million people directly booked clinical appointments
  • Improving Patient Satisfaction
    • examples include, patient complaints reduced to zero, and up to 95% of patients are seen within 20 minutes of their arrival at a walk-in clinic
  • Improving Patient Communications
    • slots instantly filled by targeted automated texts
  • Improving Patient Access
    • for example, more than 250 patients waiting in a queue reduced to 8
  • Reducing Administrative Effort
    • for example, reduced phone calls to the hospital by 1,000 calls per day, and 50% of patients booking online within 2 weeks
  • Reducing Administration Costs
    • people, paper and postage – direct cost savings on stamps, stationary, printing
  • Improving Data Accuracy
    • 24/7 visibility of available appointments, real-time patient bookings
  • Staff Satisfaction
    • for example, staff sickness reduced from 12% to 0%



  • Patient Flow, Real-Time Capacity Management
  • Online and Centralised appointment booking
  • Clinic Administration with Waiting List Management and Patient Flow
  • Patient Portal where patients can view, reschedule, cancel appointments and view specific results
  • Self-Referral and Online Booking
  • Touch Screen Tablet and Kiosk Check-In
  • E-Referral & E-Discharge
  • Domiciliary/Home Care module
  • Virtual Clinics
  • Shielded Patient
  • Automated real time reporting
  • Demand and Capacity Planning with Predictive Analytics


  • Highly configurable
  • Integration through our bespoke API and HL7 integration, providing a full end to end solution
  • Cloud native on AWS
  • High availability and scalable solution
  • Robust Information Security Management System: ISO27001 certified and compliance with NHS Information Governance standards
  • Compliant with interoperability standards (HL7, FHIR)
  • Restful API protocols
  • Zero downtime code release
  • SAAS

Appointment scheduling & e-waiting lists

We are the leading supplier of clinical appointment scheduling in the UK and Ireland, working with over 80 customers in the UK&I.

For Clinicians

Associate Director of Information Management and Technology

« The system was implemented in only six weeks which is a huge achievement. In the first few days of go live, thousands of bookings were made using the new digital tech, providing a far better experience for our patients and it has released pressure and time for our internal appointment centre teams, allowing them time to support those who need it. »

For Patients

« I had my blood test using the new appointment booking system - what an improvement. No crowded waiting room and was out within 5 minutes. »

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