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The Healthcare Cloud Managed Service

With healthcare organisations emphasising cloud adoption, authorities vary in their readiness for migration. The Dedalus Healthcare Cloud Managed Service offering enables healthcare organisations to leverage the power of cloud computing for their clinical and operational needs. Whether you are looking for a fully managed cloud environment, a hybrid cloud model, or a cloud migration strategy, Dedalus can help you achieve your goals with our expertise, experience, and innovation. Our cloud-first strategy ensures adaptability to new technologies and regulatory changes.

Dedalus have successfully migrated 56 care solutions and 40 managed service customers from data centres to the cloud, showcasing our expertise. We specialize in not only seamlessly migrating existing systems to the cloud but also proactively driving innovation by regularly deploying new cloud-native technologies. Our commitment extends beyond migration, as we continuously harness the power of cutting-edge solutions to optimize performance, enhance scalability, and stay at the forefront of technological advancements in cloud computing.

Andrew Raynes

CIO, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

« There was a degree of skepticism regarding our proposed move to the cloud. However, working with Dedalus, it was remarkably smooth and the teams working together very well, executed a well-planned migration. This was done very well at pace and we really had no issues following it, it was a great success. This was down to the incredible planning that Dedalus did alongside the Papworth Digital Team. »

Lee Rickles

CIO, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust

« There is a level of security, reliability, managed service capability from being on the cloud that you wouldn't get on premise. We needed the ability to speed up, understand utilisation, make sure the system works as efficiently as possible and is optimised. Things you can do on the cloud which are hard to do with legacy solutions. »

Richard Fearn

Senior Applications Specialist – North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

« The migration was successful and Dedalus handed over to us ahead of schedule, despite an extra task we requested. We were able to negotiate a downtime window which satisfied all parties and minimised disruption to clinical services. Dedalus were very helpful and supportive when we needed advice or assistance to investigate issues. »

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